Friday, December 18, 2009


5. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- It's Blitz!
YYYs frontwoman Karen O. may be one of the weirdest individuals of our time. She may also be one of the most brilliant. From the second they burst onto the scene with "Maps," arguably one of the decade's best songs, Yeah Yeah Yeahs have maintained their popularity by releasing three outstanding albums. I can see the great merit in their first two lps, but personally, it was not until "It's Blitz!" that I considered myself a true fan. With this album, the band moved in a new direction, adding more synths and trading guitar rock frenzies for epic, building pieces and danceable indie-disco. Many YYYs purists do not even view this album on the same plateau as the first album, but to me (probably just because of my affection towards synth-rock) it transcends the band's previous ventures. Among the best tracks are "Skeletons" and "Runaway," both much more epic productions than any other YYY's song; with snare drum cadences and haunting piano notes, you can tell that Karen O. and Co. aimed to pull out all the stops on this one- and succeeded. But the standout track for me is second-to-last "Hysteric," whose urge to "flow sweetly, hang heavy" sounded like the most appealing thing to do in the dying light of August nights.

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