Thursday, December 17, 2009


7. The XX- xx
This is the Marvin Gaye for the cooler-than-you, colder-than-ice Brooklyn indie kid generation. But if you fail to find sparse drum machines, clean guitar melodies and boy-girl harmonies as sexy as they do, something's wrong with you. I don't know how the British foursome makes melancholy music sound so seductive, but it sure does sound like it could accompany any given make-out scene in any given teen sitcom *cough cough gossip girl cough.* The other remarkable aspect of The XX is their ability to survive the often-fatal tsunami of hype that internet buzz bands are subject to. Although they are arguably the most blogged-about band of '09, they actually deserve it. This album is one of the first (with predecessors in Hot Chip) in what I believe will be a large quantity of r&b-inspired indie that we will see in 2010. Even if this fad comes and goes as quick as a Ramones song, this album will be remembered. And to the dozens of kids in Brooklyn that are inexorably going to try to top The XX: good luck, hipsters, you're gonna need it.

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