Thursday, March 18, 2010

Album Review: Fang Island- Fang Island


I feel like Fang Island is something that evolved out of an intense love for playing "Rock Band." But aside from that comparison, it seems as if this idea was spawned purely by the raw desire to have fun. Three guitars attack like the Blue Hornets from every side and accompanied by ELP-y organ progressions and rollicking hair-metal drums, make an impressive assault. Anthemic Queen-meets-Fleet Foxes group vocal sections pop up every now and then, only adding to the grandiose feel of their debut album. "Treeton" sounds more akin to the indie rock of today, almost folky despite an amped-up, rollicking coda with which it closes. At times the almost Dragonforcey guitars lines get a bit obnoxious, and you might wonder how this band maintains its constant state I like to call "epic party mode," but this eponymous album from yet another Brooklyn buzz band gets my vote. Prog on!

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