Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some new tracks

Wolf Gang- "Back to Back"


What starts as a cross between The XX, The Big Pink and MGMT expands into a riff-tastic and falsetto-fueled head nodder. Here's the video, enjoy.

Drake- "Shut it Down (Feat. The-Dream)"


As seen a few posts below, I'm not Drake's biggest advocate, but I am a huge fan of this song. The main reason is because it's really only a Drake song for the first half, before Terius Nash (AKA The-Dream) takes it away. Nash relieves the young MC of his usual multiple-octave duties, which is fine by me, as I have already noted that this tendency slightly irks me. Oh, and it is Drake's best vocal performance as well. It's kind of a 90s slow jam with the added atmospheric elements of most Dream songs. Love it.

The Radio Dept.- "Heaven's on Fire"

Pickup lines don't get much better than the opening line "When I look at you, heaven's on fire," turning the "hell freezes over" cliche on its head. Take that, Eagle's reunion album! What starts with an annoying Thurston Moore audio clip about "youth culture" and "big businesses"
etc., turns into a sunny pop gem. A Ben Folds-y piano line and sax solos ensue. It's a good time for sure.

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