Friday, March 5, 2010

Why I'm so "Over" Drake

Drake's new single, the first off his upcoming debut album, tells of his abrupt rise from low-level "Degrassi" star fame to his present "next big thing" status in rap. Over a nicely orchestrated track by Boi-1da, the Toronto MC proclaims "I know way too many people here right now that I didn't know last year" in his signature auto-tuned drawl (can Canadians drawl?). The young singer is blessed with a range that spans from the baritone of the chorus in this song to the pretty-boy falsetto of the line "Cause she holds me down" in his hit "Best I Ever Had," but what he possesses in skill, he lacks in restraint. The switches in pitch that populate most Drake songs (seen here in transition from high-pitched nasally rapped verses to the smooth chorus) seem very show-offish and more importantly disrupt the flow of the song. That being said, the man has a knack for rhyming. His penchant for clever, chuckle-worthy one-liners is impressive to say the least. But for now Drake is still a puppy to me, paws too big for his body, trying to run too fast. He needs to find his Andre 3000 spot: a happy medium between rapping and singing that also shows his respect for songs as full entities, and not just stomping grounds for his newfound talent. Oh, and here's the track.

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